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Trading Boom and Crash  Using Mega Spikes Max System 

Are you looking to maximize your profits in trading Boom and Crash markets? Look no further than the Mega Spikes Max System. Our proven strategy can help you identify and capitalize on market spikes, leading to increased success in your trading endeavors. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take your trading to the next level.

What is Boom and Crash ?

Boom and Crash is an instrument available on Deriv. It is one of the instruments classified as synthetic indices.

Unlike the forex market, which closes on weekends, boom and crash indices and other synthetic indices can be traded any day and at any time of the day. They are a simulated type of market provided by Deriv.

Unlike other popular forex pairs, Boom and Crash can only be found on Deriv.

How to start trading boom and Crash ?

Deriv is the only broker that offers boom and crash indices as a trading instrument. So you will need to sign up with them.

To begin, Visit the Deriv website, and you will be prompted to sign up for an account either by entering your email or logging in with your Google account.

Opening a deriv account

Once you complete the account sign up, you will be taken to a page like this.

Start trading Boom and crash Mega Spikes Max indicator chart showing buy and sell signals

Whenever you sign up on Deriv, they will credit you with a virtual balance of $10,000 for demo trading. You Will see it at top right corner.

Step 2: Verify your Deriv account

To verify your deriv account you will need an ID card. You can follow the short video below to verify your account

Step 3: Create a real account.

To be able to trade real asset on deriv, you need to create a real account and make your deposit.

The video below shows how you can create a real deriv account and make your deposit.

Step 4: Connect Your account to MT5

To be able to trade boom and crash on MT5, you need to create a trading account inside your deriv account and add it to MT5.

Navigate to the top left  corner of the page and hit the TRADERS HUB Button from there select “Open” In the Deriv MT5 account section

Boom and Crash startegy

After completing the above step, you will be required to choose a password for your synthetic index account. So, go ahead and do that.

To copy your Deriv MT5 login ID, select the “trade icon” to open the window where you will copy your MT5 login ID. Remember to switch to real account if you have deposited and want to trade a real account from MT5. Download MT5 and login to your account and start trading Boom and crash 

Boom and crash spike catching with mega spikes
Trading screen displaying Mega Spikes Max indicator signals

Mega Spikes Max Indicator for MT5 is an innovative solution for any beginner or expert trader! Trading Deriv Boom and Crash spikes has never been easy without mega spikes max. It combines technical indicators and price action to determine the best spiking zone for Boom and Crash spikes. Mega Spikes Max can be applied on any Boom & Crash Chart on mt5. It is a real breakthrough product that gives you a clear picture of trading the boom and crash market. It uses colored buy and sell arrows that inform you visually the time to enter the market to catch the Mega Spikes.

Mega Spikes Max  Indicator for MT5 gives you the option to configure the take profit levels, mobile phone alerts and also money management guide. By configuring these, This way you will never miss an opportunity.



Signals are generated by our Smart Spike Strategy and are send in real time. Once signal is generated, Alert is send and displayed on your MT5  Platform. No delay in Alerts giving the trader enough time to enter the market. Indicator Works on all Boom and Crash Indices.


Indicator Provide the trader with reasonable take Profit targets and the targets are displayed on the MT5 Platform as well as the signal alert.


We continuously update our system to meet the current market Movements.


Regardless of your location the Mega Spikes Max indicator integrates with MT5 Platform making it accessible to traders around the world, Supporting windows and Mac OS.


  • Extremely easy and straightforward interface without complicated extra windows or screen

  • Filters out noisy and less probability signals 

  • Displays Arrows Every time a setups is identified and non repaint arrows

  • Best 5 mins time frame for scalping purposes

  • Terminal, push and email notifications available when a signal is generated

  • Works smoothly on and boom and crash chart

Get the Ultimate Boom and Crash Spike Detector

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